Device Tree Overlay Support v2

Pascal Vizeli pascal.vizeli at
Sat Jun 2 09:00:17 PDT 2018

Look like there is a bug with resolve __local_fixups__
I try to fix that and make a patch for this.

2018-05-27 16:44 GMT+02:00 Pascal Vizeli <pascal.vizeli at>:
> There was some missing files inside patches. I fix that.
> Actual version work on my local site with fresh environment.
> 2018-05-27 11:39 GMT+02:00 Pascal Vizeli <pvizeli at>:
>> Hi,
>> I rebase and update the patch from Jan Luebbe. They did a amazing job with:
>> I think it is now at the time to support overlay like uboot and other
>> bootloaders. They will help on raspberry, I think also on other
>> platforms, to update the device tree without a big shell script of
>> of_properties/of_fixup_status.
>> This features is very common today and missed by barebox.
>> I update the dtc scripts to the same version they we use on dts kernel level.
>> Patch are here:
>> Greets

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