How to change filesystem size of root

Alexander Aring aar at
Mon Apr 17 06:44:36 PDT 2017


On 04/14/2017 05:40 AM, 张忠山 wrote:
> When transfer a large file to root through tftp. "Out of memory" error like this:
> # tftp /xy7520/output_file.rbf a.rbf
> T     [###########write: Out of memory                                  ]
> My board has 1G ddr but the file jus 23M. So the memory large enough to hold the file.
> I think it should have a method to adjust the filesystem's size of root. But I can't find it.
> Help me please.

not sure, but I think you need to increase the malloc space. There is
some Kconfig entry.

- Alex

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