[PATCH] scripts: mkmakefile: apply changes from Linux kernel

Dennis Menschel menschel-d at posteo.de
Mon Apr 10 02:37:01 PDT 2017

Hello everyone,

Am 26.03.2017 um 12:40 schrieb Dennis Menschel:
> The version of mkmakefile which has been used in barebox until now dates
> back to commit fd5f0cd6b0cef59ba18e5ac13be5b2775fa6ec28 from the Linux
> kernel git history (Tue May 2 12:33:20 2006 +0200).
> This patch effectively includes all changes from the aforementioned
> commit to the latest stable version of the Linux kernel:
> [...]

about 2 weeks have passed since I submitted the aforementioned patch. As
a haven't received any comments or feedback until now, I wanted to ask
whether the patch has simply been overseen or maybe contains obvious
errors of which I am not aware.

Best regards,
Dennis Menschel

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