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Daniel Krüger daniel.krueger at
Thu Oct 13 03:32:31 PDT 2016


I'm currently porting our board support to device tree. Currently, I 
don't use multi-PBL, but include the device tree via CONFIG_BUILTIN_DTB. 
This works, but the DTB seems to be included twice in the image: once as 
plain DTB and once as compressed DTB. I think this isn't intended this way.

Extract from
87e82b80 R __dtb_imx35_systec_hmi_start
87e82b80 R __dtb_start
87e8501c R __dtb_imx35_systec_hmi_end
87e85020 R __dtb_z_imx35_systec_hmi_start
87e85ad0 R __dtb_z_imx35_systec_hmi_end
87e85b00 B __bss_start
87e85b00 R __dtb_end

Just using the compressed DTB would be really good. Because it makes the 
image much smaller. However, how should that be done? The extract code 
might be simple. But I don't have an idea how to let the linker select 
the right version.

Thanks for any kind of support,


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