Configure RAM size on iMX53 board

Jose Luis Zabalza jlz.3008 at
Tue Nov 8 12:51:36 PST 2016

> So you have 512MiB on each chip select, so I assume that on the 512MiB
> board variants CS1 is not equipped.

Yes, it is.

>In that case you can in lowlevel.c
> test if you find SDRAM on CS1 and if not, disable the chip select
> completely in the SDRAM controller.

OK. But how ? I enable CS0 and CS1 on DCD table. Is there any way to
tell barebox not to use CS1 ?

> I am not sure how you can detect if there's SDRAM on CS1. I've seen
> situations in which the board just hangs if you access non existent RAM
> areas.

I have tried it, but I have not be able to implement a code for
autodetect. If the code write or read a value on a position without
physical  chip, the microcontroller hangs. ????

But it's not a problem. A solution is configure both CS and MMU. If
bootloader don't access to high positions, there is not problem. After
I set a environment variable with memory size and the mem kernel
parameter (or ATAG) does the rest.

So, I have to make sure Barebox don't reach CS1 memory positions. That is all.

Thanks for your help. See you later.


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