Scrolling issues in edit command

Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia guille.rodriguez at
Thu Mar 31 08:36:58 PDT 2016


Thank you for the answer. Some comments below.

2016-03-31 15:39 GMT+02:00 Holger Schurig <holgerschurig at>:
> Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia <guille.rodriguez at> writes:
>> Can anyone provide any hints on why this is
>> happening or how to fix it ?
> I guess this is probably because your terminal emulation doesn't match
> what barebox assume.

Uhm, could be, however I have also been using minicom with an older
version of barebox for a long time (2011.05.0, on a different target
board), and never had any problems at all. I only noticed this
behaviour when testing barebox 2016.03.0 on a new board.

> Kermit is oblivious to any ANSI escape sequences, so my X11 terminal
> emulates them. Here I use the rxvt-unicode binary `urxvt`. The effect is
> that the "edit" commands works.

Perhaps I should clarify what I am seeing. The "edit" command actually
works, more or less. If I scroll up or down one line at a time then
there are no problems. I only see bogus A or B characters inserted
when I do "continuous" scrolling. Also I noticed that ESC [ A is the
ANSI escape sequence for "cursor up", and ESC [ B is the ANSI escape
sequence for "cursor down". Perhaps when I keep the arrow up/down key
pressed, minicom is sending these escape sequences faster than barebox
can handle them, and that's why I see the 'A' and 'B' characters


Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia
guille.rodriguez at

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