Scrolling issues in edit command

Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia guille.rodriguez at
Wed Mar 30 08:38:53 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I am trying to setup Barebox on a SAMA5D3-Xplained board. I started
with barebox-2016.03.0. So far things are looking good.

I have found that I have problems in the 'edit' command, when trying
to scroll using the arrow keys. Scrolling up inserts random "A"
characters in the text, scrolling down inserts random "B" characters.
I am using minicom as the terminal. I don't remember seeing this
before with older versions of barebox on different boards.

This is not fatal of course but it makes it very cumbersome to edit
files from barebox itself. Can anyone provide any hints on why this is
happening or how to fix it ?

Thank you,

Guillermo Rodriguez

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