[PATCH 2/2] input: make the Input Core be the last in the poller queue

Aleksey Kuleshov rndfax at yandex.ru
Mon Mar 14 09:26:33 PDT 2016

Genius USB keyboard can't work with interrupt msgs, only control msgs.
Then, with control msgs if there were no report requests during ~10 secs, EHCI stack
in Barebox reports "timeout error" infinitely until 'usb' command will be exectued
(i.e. until EHCI halt + reset).


1) usb_kbd can detect "timeout error" (or some other error) so your patch, as for now,
lacks status checking from idev->poll().

2) I know this is a WIP patch, but

> +static void input_devices_poller_func(struct poller_struct *poller)
>  {
> - struct input_console *ic = ctx;
> + struct input_device *idev;
> + static uint64_t last_poll;
> + struct input_notifier *in;
> +
> + if (!is_timeout(last_poll, 10 * MSECOND))
> + return;

the last_poll var was never set and why 'is_timeout' is here if you have async_calls?
Maybe it should be like this?:

static struct poller_async input_poller;
static void input_devices_poller_func(void *arg)
        struct input_device *idev;
        struct input_notifier *in;

        list_for_each_entry(idev, &input_devices, list) {

                if (idev->event.value && is_timeout(idev->start, idev->timeout)) {
                        list_for_each_entry(in, &input_consumers, list)
                                in->notify(in, &idev->event);
                        idev->timeout = 40 * MSECOND;
                        idev->start = get_time_ns();

        poller_call_async(&input_poller, 10 * MSECOND, input_devices_poller_func, NULL);

And that's all what I can say about EHCI/input/usb_kbd so far.

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