[PATCH] ehci-hcd: remove useless timeout

Antony Pavlov antonynpavlov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 05:59:04 PST 2016

On Fri, 04 Mar 2016 15:04:49 +0300
Aleksey Kuleshov <rndfax at yandex.ru> wrote:

> [quote]
> To improve tracking of who did what, especially with patches that can
> percolate to their final resting place in the kernel through several
> layers of maintainers, we've introduced a "sign-off" procedure on
> patches that are being emailed around.
> [/quote]
> So Linux kernel had some problems due to their huge developers/maintainers list
> and they solved them by using "sign-off" procedure.
> Do Barebox have that burden of "patches that can
> percolate to their final resting place in the kernel through several
> layers of maintainers"?
> Also in chapter 11 there are rules which are pure bureaucratic. 
> Bureaucracy is a thing of a large projects.
> Is Barebox such as big as Linux that it must have these rules too?
> Solving inexisting problems doesn't make life easier but complicates it.
> So, the question "what this (git commit -s) will give you?" is still open.

There are some full-system-image-generation frameworks: OpenWrt, buildroot etc.
These frameworks make several independant pieces of software (compiler,
linux kernel, C lib implementation, busybox etc) work together to combine
solid system. Often these frameworks use mainline versions of software components
with additional (non-mainline) patches. E.g. here is patch for barebox from buildroot:


It is reasonable to have as much author(s) information as possible. So your Sob will be
very usable if somebody who works with the patch.

Here is a poor example: patch without any comments at all, it's very difficult to trace origins
of this patch:


> 04.03.2016, 14:33, "Antony Pavlov" <antonynpavlov at gmail.com>:
> > On Fri, 04 Mar 2016 13:42:14 +0300
> > Aleksey Kuleshov <rndfax at yandex.ru> wrote:
> >
> >>  Don't get me wrong, but what this (git commit -s) will give you?
> >>  What is the purpose of this?
> >
> > You can find the answer at https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/SubmittingPatches
> > Please see chapter 11 (Sign your work).
> >
> >>  04.03.2016, 10:11, "Sascha Hauer" <s.hauer at pengutronix.de>:
> >>
> >>  > Also, like you other patches this one lacks a SoB. Please commit with
> >>  > git commit -s.
> >
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> > Best regards,
> >   Antony Pavlov

Best regards,
  Antony Pavlov

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