UBIFS recovery fails in barebox while Linux suceeds

Alexander Stein alexander.stein at systec-electronic.com
Wed Mar 2 08:19:08 PST 2016


in case a UBIFS needs recovery (unclean write or whatever on NOR flash) it is possible that barebox fails to do so while Linux suceeds.
The main cause, IMHO, is that Linux takes max_write_size into account (starting with commit 2765df7da540687c4d57ca840182122f074c5b9c "UBIFS: use max_write_size during recovery") while barebox doesn't. Apparently is_last_write (fs/ubifs/recovery.c) results differently due to that fact which explains why recovery progress differently. I don't know which linux version the ubifs code in barebox is taken from but I guess this needs to be updated. Are there any plans?

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