Verified boot support with FIT

Jan Lübbe jlu at
Fri Jan 15 00:36:26 PST 2016

On Do, 2016-01-14 at 21:03 +0100, Marc Kleine-Budde wrote:
> On 01/14/2016 08:30 PM, Simon Glass wrote:
> > Someone pointed me to this support that is being added in Barebox. I see
> > that it still has the copyright but does not attribute U-Boot. I'm just
> > checking if that is that an oversight?
> I've Cc'ed Jan, who has written the code. Quoting from his first patch
> to the barebox mailinglist:
> > this is the current work-in-progress state of my FIT support patches.
> > The FIT loading code has basically been rewritten from scratch, as the
> > original U-Boot code uses libfdt and barebox's DT support works on an
> > in-memory tree.

Yes, this is still correct for the recent submissions.

The barebox code only supports the signed configurations with hashed
images, as the goal was to use this for verified boot. Supporting only
this mode keeps the complexity down.

Simon, do you think it is a derived work of the U-Boot FIT code?

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