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Hi Zoli,

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 02:32:31PM +0200, Zoltán Sebök wrote:
> My issue is a bit different than this, but I don't know who to contact
> instead. However, the same thing is, that I get this error message...
> stat /dev/ No such file or directory
> ...when tying to erase the MLO partition ( of the NAND
> flash. This is from *inside a script, using this line:*
> cp /boot/swm/MLO /dev/
> This is the first step my script does after mounting the SD card. It's
> purpose is a complete NAND flash update task.
> Maybe important: The script that I use for the flashing isn't starting
> directly via /env/init. Instead of that it sits on the SD card's FAT
> partition and is being invoked by another script which is located in
> /env/init.
> When I alter my script to your solution...
> cp /boot/swm/MLO /dev/nand0.xload
> drops the same error. My script has error checking, so it stops at
> this point.
> Same on all other partitions:
> cp /boot/swm/barebox.bin /dev/
> cp /boot/swm/linuximage /dev/
> When I invoke my original flash script manually inside barebox, everything
> goes fine.
> So, what's the matter with barebox?
> I am new to linux especially learnt about barebox just a few days ago, so
> please explain in details, what to do to get this working from inside a
> script.

Make sure that the 'addpart' command runs before any other command that 
attempts to access /dev/nand0.*.bb.


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