delay in the IMXCFG file

Igor Plyatov plyatov at
Thu Aug 20 05:20:54 PDT 2015

Dear Sascha,

> Hi Igor,
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 11:48:41AM +0300, Igor Plyatov wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> for debugging purposes I need to add some delays into the <BOARD
>> NAME>.imxcfg file, but does not know which format it is. It looks
>> like some kind of C, but it is confusing.
>> Where is defined "wm 32", "soc", "dcdofs", "loadaddr" command and others?
> They are interpreted in the imx-image tool, see scripts/imx/README and
> scripts/imx/imx-image.c. The imx-image tool converts the commands into a
> dcd table which is understood by the Freescale i.MX ROM Code. The ROM
> code does not provide a delay command, so what you are looking for does
> not exist. All the is is a nop command. This is currently not
> implemented in imx-image, you would have to add it.
>> Which commands I can use in the IMXCFG file to create very early
>> delay, before initialization of DRAM?
> As said, there is nop. Otherwise there is a 'check' command to poll for
> setting/clearing bits.
> See the i.MX reference manual in the "Device Configuration Data (DCD)"
> section for further information.

Thank you for explanation above!

Everywhere I see references to DCD in the Reference Manual, but I can 
not find details about DCD in the MCIMX51RM.pdf Rev. 1 2/2010.

If you know, please give me a link to document where DCD explained in 
details, because any attempt to setup GPIO output, fails. Device just 
does not boot at all.

wm 32 0x73f88000 0x689c0319 /* hangup line in flash-header.imxcfg */

Best wishes.
Igor Plyatov

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