[Question] device-tree-rebasing include path

Masahiro Yamada yamada.masahiro at socionext.com
Sun Aug 9 16:05:59 PDT 2015

Hi Sascha,

I have a question about the include path
of device-tree-rebasing.

When I saw scripts/Makefile.lib, I noticed that
"-I $(srctree)/dts/src" is included for pre-processor,
whereas "-i $(srctree)/dts/src/$(SRCARCH)" for DTC-native.

The root of device-tree-rebasing is dts/src/ when we use '#include',
but dts/src/$(SRCARCH) when we use '/include/'

Is this intentional?

In my opinion, #include and /include/
should be able to include files in the same way.


dtc_cpp_flags  = -Wp,-MD,$(depfile).pre -nostdinc  \
     -I$(srctree)/arch/$(SRCARCH)/dts/include      \
     -I$(srctree)/dts/include                      \
     -I$(srctree)/dts/src/                         \
     -undef -D__DTS__

cmd_dtc = $(CPP) $(dtc_cpp_flags) -x assembler-with-cpp -o $(dtc-tmp) $< ; \
      $(objtree)/scripts/dtc/dtc -O dtb -o $@ -b 0 \
      -i $(srctree)/arch/$(SRCARCH)/dts $(DTC_FLAGS) \
      -i $(srctree)/dts/src/$(SRCARCH) \
      -d $(depfile).dtc $(dtc-tmp) ; \
      cat $(depfile).pre $(depfile).dtc > $(depfile)

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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