RFC: of_device_id: use pointer for the data field

Antony Pavlov antonynpavlov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 07:38:31 PDT 2015


Just now barebox' of_device_id struct uses unsigned long type for data field:

  struct of_device_id {
          char *compatible;
          unsigned long data;

Here is of_device_id struct in linux kernel:

  struct of_device_id {
          char name[32];
          char type[32];
          char compatible[128];
          const void *data;

Just all data fields are used as pointers and need 'unsigned long' casting.
E.g. see 'git grep -A 4 of_device_id drivers/' output:

  drivers/ata/sata-imx.c:static __maybe_unused struct of_device_id imx_sata_dt_ids[] = {
  drivers/ata/sata-imx.c- {
  drivers/ata/sata-imx.c-         .compatible = "fsl,imx6q-ahci",
  drivers/ata/sata-imx.c-         .data = (unsigned long)&data_imx6,
  drivers/ata/sata-imx.c- }, {

Could we use 'const void *' type for data field as linux kernel does?

Best regards,
  Antony Pavlov

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