[PATCH v3 0/3] add habv4 support for i.MX6

Marc Kleine-Budde mkl at pengutronix.de
Mon Apr 13 05:27:00 PDT 2015


this series adds support for HABv4 signed images. The last patch add code to
decode HAB events, which is usefull during development.

Tested on $CUSTOMER's i.MX6 solo.

Changes since v2:
- [PATCH v3 2/3] images: add HABv4 support for i.MX6:
  fix typos
  add missing depends on ARCH_IMX6
  renamed Makefile
  improved commentsin habv4-imx28.csf.in
- [PATCH v3 3/3] habv4: add High Assurance Boot v4:
  habv4_get_rvt(): make use of cpu_is_ rather than IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_ARCH_)
  provide static inline wrapper for habv4_get_status()


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