[PATCH 6/6] Documentation: Add some TI AM335x specific documentation

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Tue Sep 30 06:10:32 PDT 2014

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+Texas Instruments AM335x
+The Texas Instruments AM335x SoCs have a two-stage boot process. The first stage
+loader, also known as MLO is loaded by the ROM code. The MLO loads the second stage
+loader from the same medium.
+Building barebox
+The TI AM335x boards in barebox are covered by the ``am335x_mlo_defconfig``
+for the MLO and ``am335x_defconfig`` for the regular barebox image. The
+resulting images will be placed under ``images/``:
+  barebox-am33xx-afi-gf.img
+  barebox-am33xx-afi-gf-mlo.img
+  barebox-am33xx-beaglebone.img
+  barebox-am33xx-beaglebone-mlo.img
+  barebox-am33xx-phytec-phycore.img
+  barebox-am33xx-phytec-phycore-mlo-1x128m16.img
+  barebox-am33xx-phytec-phycore-mlo-1x256m16.img
+  barebox-am33xx-phytec-phycore-mlo-1x512m16.img
+Some boards come in different variants, make sure to pick the correct one.
+Starting and updating barebox
+The regular board images can be started from another bootloader, see
+:ref:`second_stage`. The board should provide update handlers
+to update (or initially install) barebox on SPI NOR or NAND, see :ref:`update`.
+To start barebox from SD/MMC prepare a card with a FAT filesystem. Copy the MLO
+file for your board to the card and name it ``MLO``. Copy the regular image
+for your board to the card and name it ``barebox.bin``.
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-Texas Instruments OMAP/AM335x
+Texas Instruments OMAP
 Texas Instruments OMAP SoCs have a two-stage boot process. The first stage is
 known as Xload which only loads the second stage bootloader. barebox can act as
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@@ -171,6 +171,8 @@ the compilation process will finish with a list of images built under ``images/`
+.. _second_stage:
 Starting barebox

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