Activating network during start

Holger Freyther holger at
Thu Nov 20 12:50:17 PST 2014

Good Evening,

I wrote a small command to send a LLDP frame over the network. Then I
tried to integrate this command into the start script but I noticed that
while a message is printed on the console no actual packet is being
sent on the wire.

I am using a Phytec AM335X SoM and I am not on the latest version of
barebox either so this might be something that is already fixed.

My assumption is that when I use eth_get_current/eth_send the network
is being activated. I had a quick look at the return code of eth_send
to see if I could see that my packet has been dropped but in both
success/failure the method returns 0. Is this to be expected? My
interim solution is to add a sleep after the first command invocation
and then do it again?

Any ideas on how to properly address it?


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