Ezequiel Garcia ezequiel at vanguardiasur.com.ar
Sun Nov 16 13:35:23 PST 2014

Hi Alexander,

On 10/21/2014 01:34 PM, Alexander Shiyan wrote:
> Hello all.
> We started developing device which uses NXP LPC43xx CPU. I would like to add
> support for this CPU series into barebox.
> The problem is that there is no support for this architecture in the Linux kernel,
> and it would upset the current concept (the barebox tree is very similar to Linux
> tree and we not have any orphan arch-s).

I'm working on the upstream Linux port for LPC43xx SoCs. The obvious
choice would be mach-lpc43xx. The problem is that LPC18xx are similar
SoCs, and I think it would make sense to have them in the same mach-xxx.
Haven't made up my mind on this issue, and I suspect we won't find out
until we push some patches upstream.

Anyway, if you make any progress with the barebox port, I'd be happy to
take a look and help you test it.

Ezequiel Garcia, VanguardiaSur

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