beagle bone black: problem of boot from eMMC

ManuelCurcio at ManuelCurcio at
Wed Dec 31 06:52:39 PST 2014


From the lasted Barebox version (barebox-2014.12.0): 

I generated a MLO and a barebox.bin for the BeagleBone
(am335x_defconfig&am335x_mlo_defconfig config file) with the
modification of : 
[PATCH] net: cpsw: Fix crashes on beaglebone black   ledphilippe at 
that I copied in a SD card. It work fine.

After, I wanted to boot from the the internal eMMC. 
So after boot from sd card, I mounted the eMMC (mount /dev/mmc1.0) and
copied the MLO and barebox.bin in the /mnt/mmc1.0 folder.

When I try to boot from the internal eMMC ,I have the following error: 
barebox 2014.12.0 #2 Wed Dec 31 15:29:16 GMT 2014

Board: TI AM335x BeagleBone
detected 'BeagleBone Black'
omap-hsmmc 48060000.mmc: registered as 48060000.mmc
booting from MMC
fat fat0: probe failed: error 22
Unable to mount  (-22)
booting failed

I tried myself to find a 'correction' by added the call of
am33xx_of_register_bootdevice(void) function at the end of the static
int beaglebone_devices_init(void) function. With this modification,
sometime (depending of the last boot: from SD Card or from eMMC)  I can
boot, someting not. 
So my correction,although improving the situation, is not exactly the
correction to do. Some one can help me ? 

Thanks very much !

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