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Steffen Trumtrar s.trumtrar at pengutronix.de
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+Altera SoCFPGA
+Alteras SoCFPGA SoCs have a two-stage boot process. The first stage is
+known as preloader which loads the second stage bootloader. barebox can act
+as both the first and the second stage loader.
+In barebox the preloader is called xload, so to build as a first stage loader,
+build the ``socfpga-xload_defconfig``; for second stage use the normal
+The supported bootsource is a SD card. The Boot ROM searches for a partition of
+type A2 and loads what it finds there. When barebox is placed in such a partition
+it will then itself try and mount the second partition of the SD card, which must
+be of type FAT32. On this partition barebox searches for a file called barebox.bin.
+To boot barebox on a Terasic SoCkit, the procedure is as follows (sdb1 is the A2 and
+sdb2 the FAT32 partition)::
+  mount -t fat /dev/sdb2 /mnt
+  make socfpga-xload_defconfig
+  make
+  make socfpga_defconfig
+  make
+barebox has now generated multiple files in the images directory. So for the SoCkit
+proceed with::
+  cat images/barebox-socfpga-sockit-xload.img > /dev/sdb1
+  cp images/barebox-socfpga-sockit.img /mnt/barebox.bin
+  umount /mnt
+For the EBV Socrates use ``images/barebox-socfpga-socrates(-xload).img`` instead.
+Updating handoff files
+(Tools needed: Quartus II + SoCEDS)
+As barebox uses some of the autogenerated files from Quartus II, every
+time Altera makes a new release, there might be some updates to the
+handoff files. As these files are split up in the code base and generated
+explicitely for some specific U-boot code base, some manual work might be
+The following files are generic and belong into the
+`arch/arm/mach-socfpga` directory tree:
+* sequencer.c (Not for the faint of heart.)
+* sequencer.h
+* system.h
+It should normally not be necessary to touch these if barebox is up-to-date.
+The boardspecific files for `arch/arm/boards/<yourboard>` are:
+* iocsr_config_cyclone5.c
+* pinmux_config_cyclone5.c -> pinmux_config.c
+* pll_config.h
+* sdram/sdram_config.h -> sdram_config.h
+* sequencer_auto.h
+* sequencer_auto_ac_init.c
+* sequencer_auto_inst_init.c
+* sequencer_defines.h
+To update the handoff files, the following procedure is necessary::
+ 1. Regenerate the project with Qsys
+ 2. Load up your project in Quartus II and assemble the design
+ 3. Go to the SoCEDS installation and run
+    ``./embedded_command_shell.sh``
+ 4. Now run ``bsp-editor``
+ 5. Create a new BSP
+ 6. Select the directory `hps_isw_handoff/soc_system_hps_0` under the
+    preloader settings directory
+ 7. Click ``Ok`` than ``Generate``
+ 8. Copy the files generated in `software/spl_bsp/generated/` to your
+    board folder

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