[PATCH 4/5] ARM: dts: mvebu: remove mbus ranges overwrite

Ezequiel Garcia ezequiel.garcia at free-electrons.com
Fri Aug 1 20:07:58 PDT 2014


While testing the mvneta I found that Openblocks AX3-4 is broken
on next: barebox just silently hangs.

Here's my config: http://sprunge.us/OiVM. Maybe there is something
wrong in the config?

On 23 Jul 11:28 AM, Sebastian Hesselbarth wrote:
> With proper DT fixup in place, we can now remove the overwrite of
> mbus ranges in Armada 370 Mirabox and Armada XP Openblocks AX3.

Reverting this commit (c148e367a5) seems to solve the problem, so I'll
review this whole series tonight and see if I can spot anything.

I'll test Mirabox tomorrow.
Ezequiel García, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android Engineering

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