Loading kernel from SPI NOR

Jeff Horn jeff at everlook.net
Wed Mar 13 19:28:33 EDT 2013


I have a custom board based on the i.MX53.  We are using barebox 2012.05.0
and booting the Freescale kernel.  Our board has SPI NOR (m25p32)
and I saw there is a driver in a more recent barebox.  I pulled 2013.01.0
and added our board files but I can't seem to get the kernel to load.  I
used the uimage tool and the -i option reported back that it can read the
kernel and the -v option reported ok.  When I try and boot I see
arch_number and then nothing.

I'm continuing to dig in to see what I can find.  Any pointers to where I
can look is much appreciated.

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