bareboxenv usage

Boaz Ben-David at
Tue Sep 13 05:48:58 EDT 2011

On 09/13/11 12:14, Marc Kleine-Budde wrote:
> On 09/13/2011 10:59 AM, Boaz Ben-David wrote:
>> All I am asking is: do I need to use /dev/mtdblock or /dev/mtd when
>> loading and saving envs
> neither nor - loadenv&  saveenv are not bad block aware. In barebox you
> use the .bb devices, which are bad block are, under linux use nandwrite
> + nanddump to write or read data from the nand into a file. Then use
> loadenv/saveenv.
> cheers, Marc


Thanks for the reply.

First question, please tell me if these sequences are correct:

In Linux:

- Read:

1.nanddump from the mtd device to a file.

2.bareboxenv -l the file dumped.


1.bareboxenv -s from source directory to a file

2.nandwrite that file to the mtd device.

Second question is: what would be the same sequences under barebox?



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