interface between barebox and linux

Vanhauwaert Wouter W.Vanhauwaert at
Tue Sep 13 02:38:35 EDT 2011


For my embedded application, I want to be able to select from within Linux which kernel-partition to boot next time. 
For this I need some mechanism to store some variable which is readable from within barebox, but which can be set from within linux.
My first thought was to add an extra partition, but apparently, barebox doesn’t support any of the nand-filesystems (only cramfs, but this is readonly)
My second thought was to just readin the bare content of the bareboxenv partition, manipulate it a bit, and write it back, but then comes the crc-check in charge…
So does somebody have any idea how I can fix this?

For a second thing, I need to use the content of a file in a barebox script. But code like:

temp = `cat /testfile`
echo $temp

⇨ Output: `cat

In stead of the content of /testfile. I’m not able to fix it…


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