AM3517EVM port

Yegor Yefremov yegorslists at
Thu May 12 03:45:43 EDT 2011

Hi Sascha,

>> has anyone ported AM3517EVM board or other omap3517 based board to
>> barebox? I couldn't find any patches.
> No, I am not aware of any patches for this. How different is the
> omap3517 from the one on the beagle board?

I hope it is not so different. But in the first line OMAP3517 is
industrial grade SoC with built-in Ethernet and CAN support. I took
beagle port as a template and try to port the stuff from TI's u-boot.

>> The second question is about OMAP boot procedure. Can I just rename
>> barebox to u-boot.bin and let it be loaded by x-loader?
> More specifically barebox.bin to u-boot.bin, yes. This at least works on
> the beagle and panda boards. barebox can also act as an x-loader aswell
> (in which case it loads barebox.bin as second stage). See the *xload*
> defconfigs.

O.K. I see. Thank you for your help.


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