command bootu to start kernel

Belisko Marek marek.belisko at
Wed Oct 27 08:42:03 EDT 2010


I have mini2440 board with barebox running from RAM.
I try to start uImage kernel for that platform but I'm little bit
confused how to do it.

I do tftp uImage and the bootu uImage but it always hangs :

commandline: console=ttySAC0,115200
arch_number: 1999

I track down that theKernel pointer point to 0xffffffff (memmap return
(void*)-1) which is obviously wrong.
If I understand correctly bootu function take first parameter and try to
open a file and memmap. If file isn't opened successfully then convert
string address which is then taken for
theKernel pointer.

Is this correct procedure or do I something wrong?

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