Where to store a header file

Juergen Beisert jbe at pengutronix.de
Tue Oct 12 04:28:04 EDT 2010


currently I'm adding the i.MX28 architecture to barebox. This new CPU is the 
successor of the i.MX23. So, it shares the most parts with it. But it also 
shares the fact, its not a real i.MX like the i.MX27 is (STM378x-SigmaTel -> 

But new to the i.MX28 is the FEC known from the i.MX family. To be able to 
reuse the i.MX FEC driver (fec_imx.c) on the i.MX28 I need the "mach/iim.h" 
from the "mach-imx" tree. As the i.MX23/28 itself is "mach-stm" this files 
must be shared between these architectures. But where to store this 
headerfile? In "arch/arm/include/asm/"? In "include/" (perhaps 
as "include/imx_iim.h")? Or in "drivers/net/" as a local header file? Any 


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