RFC: change map_base type

Belisko Marek marek.belisko at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 07:39:03 EST 2010


fist sparse patches was accepted but doesn't fix all problems.

There is still a lot of sparse problems which complain about incorrect type
in functions read(bwl)/writ(bwl). Over whole codebase to this
functions are passed
u_long or u_int types which is not correct.

e.g. in serial drivers is used for access to registers:
writeb(0x07, dev->map_base + UFCON);

In my opinion it make no sense to use:
writeb(0x07, IOMEM(dev->map_base + UFCON));

Instead change map_base type in include/driver.h to void __iomem *map_base
which should fix a lot sparse problems.
Then only board code when device is initialized use: .map_base =

Make it sense or there is not necessary to touch it or other way?

Thanks for comments,


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