add i.MX51 Nand support

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD plagnioj at
Thu Nov 11 00:26:41 EST 2010

On 15:53 Wed 10 Nov     , Sascha Hauer wrote:
> Hi all,
> The following series is a respin of the series adding i.MX51 Nand support
> to the kernel for barebox.
> The series reveals to problems in barebox. First the i.MX51 Nand controller
> needs two memory resources. Since I know that Jean-Christophe recently
> worked on adding resources to barebox I decided for a hack in the driver
> for now: I just hardcoded the second base address. Second the current
> implementation of dma_alloc_coherent stinks. The implementation simply
> maps the whole SDRAM a second time uncached. This way we can use the
> normal malloc function to allocate dma coherent memory and just add
> a known offset to the returned pointer. On i.MX51 boards with 512MB SDRAM
> we do not have enough space in the memory map to map the SDRAM twice, in
> my case the mapping shadowed the Nand register space. Be aware of this
> when you try to add Nand support to your i.MX51 board and use the babbage
> code as a template.
I'll try to push the code today for the ressource
because as for the i.MX51 I need multiple ressource for sh4 for USB as example

Best Regards,

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