Watchdog support

Marc Reilly marc at
Fri May 14 04:33:56 EDT 2010

> >> does barebox have any watchdog support ?
> >
> > I think the answer to your question is really dependent on what
> > platform you are using, and exactly what you want the watchdog to do.
> Platform does not really matter here, I mean does barebox trigger the
> watchdog if it is doing lengthy operations like writing flash to prevent
it from
> being reset in the middle of the operation. That has little to do with if
> platform has a watchdog or not.
> So let me changes the question a bit;
> Does barebox have a standard API to trigger and program a watchdog ?

I'm definitely not an authority on this, but I think not. From a quick scan
the strategy is to disable the wdt if it's going to be a problem. There
seems to be some API to trigger a reset via the wdt, but that's all.
Platform may be an issue because the platform may not implement those
(Note I didn't look very hard - I invite anyone to correct me).


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