Pending patches for 2010.07

Eric Bénard eric at
Tue Jun 29 12:30:12 EDT 2010

Hi Sascha,

the following patches are needed to get good support of cpuimx35 for 
2010.07 :

[PATCH 1/2] imx-ipu-fb: Add board specific hook to enable display
[PATCH 2/2] imx-ipu-fb: do not enable framebuffer on startup

[PATCH] eukrea_cpuimx35: boot update

[PATCH] eukrea_cpuimx35: better usage of LCD enable pins
(for this last one, please take the patch sent today, I forget to put v2 
in the subject)

Is there something to rework in theses patches to get them into 
thursday's release (I can do it tomorrow if necessary) ?


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