assorted patches

Eric Bénard eric at
Thu Jun 24 11:05:48 EDT 2010

Hi Sascha,

Le 24/06/2010 11:39, Sascha Hauer a écrit :
> The following changes since commit 334fe1dc8a1b866d1f0f4ccf82ff7b06589ec022:
>    pca100: use generic default env (2010-06-22 15:44:45 +0200)
> are available in the git repository at:
>    git:// assorted-pu
> Sascha Hauer (11):
>        i.MX27: merge iomux pim definitions from kernel
>        imxfb: Add board specific hook to enable display
>        imxfb: do not enable framebuffer on startup
>        memcpy cmd: Do not expect to read/write the whole chunk at once
>        armlinux: reorder tag setup
>        remove eco920 board support
>        usbnet: remove unused dev member in struct usbnet
>        i.MX serial: Use readl/writel instead of pointer deref
>        i.MX clocksource: Use readl/writel instead of pointer deref
>        i.MX27: Add some missing device base addresses
>        fb: add a usage counter to prevent double enable/disable
patche serie tested on i.MX35 : no problem found


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