Regression: not booting anymore on OMAP35xx

Luca Ceresoli luca at
Tue Jun 22 08:26:11 EDT 2010


recent versions of barebox do not boot anymore on OMAP3530 (Cortex-A8).

I build barebox with omap3530_beagle_per_uart_defconfig, and load it
using pserial from Nishanth Menon's omap-u-boot-utils

pserial detects the OMAP ID, then starts sending via UART.
The transfer apparently gets completed (obvious as there is no control),
but after that the UART line to the target is totally mute.

This happens since commit:
 78104ae arm: reimplement startup code in C

And is still happening on current master:
 ea5230c i2c: fix adapter_list manipulation

This issue seems independent on another one recently discussed in ml
('OMAP 3530 arch_shutdown "undefined instruction"',,
for which a patch has recently been committed in:
 ce971c2 arm: use processor specififc functions to turn off MMU


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