[PATCH] Kconfig: sync with linux kernel v2.6.35-4771-g1787985

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Tue Aug 24 14:09:21 EDT 2010

> Just in case you run out of ideas,
I'm married you know :-)

> one thing that I would really like to
> have is a "Go there" button in the search results.  I often want to
> change one symbol.  The easiest way to do this (apart from editing
> .config directly) would be:
> 	make menuorwhateverconfig
> 	"Go there"
> 	enable it
> 	quit+save
> Or better:
> 	make menuorwhateverconfig
> 	"enable"
> OK, it's not that easy as FOO might have dependencies that even might
> not be fulfillable, but still, I'd like it.

I always have wished that for any search results I could jump to the
referred menu.
This is one of the features that I hope we can extend nconfig with one day.

Note: In my head menuconfig is soon to be replaced by nconfig.
      "make menuconfig" will thus fire up nconfig and not the
      lxdialog version.
      But it will take a few months before we are that far.

> And there is IMHO a bug in Kconfig.  If I search for "CONFIG_LL" I get a
> long list starting with:
> 	S3C2440_PLL_16934400
> If I had to guess what the problem is, I'd say that kconfig strips
> "CONFIG_" before searching.  It should better search for ^LL instead of
> LL, no?
Sounds right and is simple to implement.
I may take a look at that soon.


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