[PATCH] Kconfig: sync with linux kernel v2.6.35-4771-g1787985

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sun Aug 22 01:55:48 EDT 2010

> > 
> > So all-in-all I would recommend to use kconfig from
> > v2.6.36-rc1 (rather than some random commit) and
> > then upgrade again around v2.6.37-rc1 time.
> ok I upgrade the patch
> and it will be good to update it regulary I will follow it
> is there a ML for Kconfig?

kconfig is mostly discussed on linux-kbuild at vger.kernel.org
but sometimes also/only on lkml.

On lkml this is usually stuff that is a bit remote
to kconfig. It was on lkml the defconfigs was discussed
which triggered "savedefconfig".


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