Splash screen on mx35 3 stack

Marc Reilly marc at cpdesign.com.au
Mon Apr 5 00:55:33 EDT 2010

Hi Sascha,

Please pardon my terrible manners for not saying a big "thank you" sooner!
Easter holiday preparations got in the way.

> I have short circuited pins 2 and 3 of q6 on the personality board to get
> to the LCD. q6 is normally driven by the mc9s08 (pin ptf0). We did not
> any code for this chip at that time and then forgot about it. As we now
have a
> driver for it it should only be a matter of finding the right bits to
twiddle with.

Ah, I see ... so this LCD only works if power is supplied to it? :)

As a quick test I shorted out pin 2 and 3 of Q6, and the LCD works.
However, I can't that FET to turn on via software. I've tried enabling the
LCD in f3s_enable_display with:

u8 mask = (0x01 << 6);
mc9sdz60_set_bits( mc9sdz60_get(), MC9SDZ60_REG_GPIO_1, mask ,  mask);

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