i.MX25 NAND status

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Mon Dec 28 13:05:30 EST 2009


What is the status of current barebox on i.MX25 using NAND boot ?

At the first try, it doesn't compile with CONFIG_NAND_IMX_BOOT enabled 
as imx_nand_load_image wasn't updated in 
-       imx_nand_load_image((void *)TEXT_BASE, 256 * 1024, 2048, 16384);
+       imx_nand_load_image((void *)TEXT_BASE, 256 * 1024);

I've loaded barebox in ram using a JTAG and the NAND flash is properly 
detected but the badblock scan works only if the NAND was previously 
initialised by the JTAG and gives differents results at each run which 
seems to indicate something is wrong in the setup.

The platform I'm testing is a i.MX257 TO 1.1 using a 3.3V 8bits width 2k 
page size 2Gb NAND from Micron (MT29F2G08AAD).



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