building for sandbox, warning: "__BIG_ENDIAN" is not defined

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Tue Dec 22 15:56:55 EST 2009

  perhaps showing my ignorance of how big vs little endian should be
implemented, but in configuring and building the sandbox version, i

  CC      common/environment.o
In file included from common/environment.c:37:
include/envfs.h:47:23: warning: "__BIG_ENDIAN" is not defined

  this isn't surprising since, as i read it, because this is x86_64,
it's the little-endian headers that are included, but the envfs.h
header contains the preprocessor checking:

#ifndef __BYTE_ORDER
#error "No byte order defined in __BYTE_ORDER"

... snip ...
... snip ...

  clearly(?), depending on which endianness is being used, one or the
other of __LITTLE_ENDIAN or __BIG_ENDIAN won't be defined, right?  so,
no matter what, *one* of those tests is going to generate a warning.

  am i reading that correctly?  is there a proper way to handle
endianness that doesn't generate a preprocessor warning?  thanks.


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