anyone object to my making some menuconfig options 1-touch selectable?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Dec 21 10:14:32 EST 2009

  for example, with sandbox, under "Drivers" submenu:

             serial drivers                  --->
             Network drivers                 --->
             SPI drivers                     --->
         [ ] I2C drivers                     --->
             flash drivers                   --->
         [ ] NAND support                    --->
         [ ] USB support                     --->
         [ ] USB gadget support              --->
         [ ] Video drivers                   --->

  note how some of the selections can be selected/deselected directly,
while others require you to go to the submenu to do it.  is there any
reason to not have *all* of them be 1-touch?  that means using a
"menuconfig" Kconfig directive, like this under drivers/i2c:


menuconfig I2C
        bool "I2C drivers                   "

if I2C

        bool "i.MX I2C Master driver"
        depends on ARCH_IMX

config DRIVER_I2C_MC13892
        bool "MC13892 a.k.a. PMIC driver"

config DRIVER_I2C_MC9SDZ60
        bool "MC9SDZ60 driver"





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