possible memory leak in commands/nand.c?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Sun Dec 20 14:33:11 EST 2009

  once again, perhaps i'm just misreading this but consider this code
from commands/nand.c, noting the two early calls to asprintf():

===== begin =====

        bb = xzalloc(sizeof(*bb));
        bb->devname = asprintf("/dev/%s", basename(path));
        if (name)
                bb->cdev.name = strdup(name);
                bb->cdev.name = asprintf("%s.bb", basename(path));

        ret = stat(bb->devname, &s);
        if (ret)
                goto free_out;

        bb->raw_size = s.st_size;

        bb->fd = open(bb->devname, O_RDWR);
        if (bb->fd < 0) {
                ret = -ENODEV;
                goto free_out;

        ret = ioctl(bb->fd, MEMGETINFO, &bb->info);
        if (ret)
                goto free_out;

        bb->cdev.ops = &nand_bb_ops;
        bb->cdev.priv = bb;


        return 0;

        return ret;

===== end =====

  if something in the latter part of that code fails and control jumps
to the label "free_out", won't this code fail to free() the memory
allocated in the two asprintf() calls?  isn't the programmer
explicitly required to free memory allocated with asprintf() or
vasprintf() calls?


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