RFC: Name of the command to boot a linux kernel on x86

Alessandro Rubini rubini-list at gnudd.com
Fri Dec 4 07:24:24 EST 2009

>> I'd use "mkimage" on the bzImage file to make an uImage

> For x86 there is one showstopper:
> linux-2.6 $ make uImage
> linux-2.6 $ make: *** No rule to make target `uImage'.  Stop.

You can always use "mkimage" by hand. Like we all have been doing before
it was added as a target in the kernel Makefiles.  Actually, mkimage isn't
part of the kernel, IIRC.

> I don't know, if the uImage can 
> handle it, or if it contains all the information to separate the parts after 
> extracting the uImage file.

uImage is simply the original file with a header sticked in front of
it.  It simply adds metainformation to the binary blob (when the blob
is in flash, for example, you need to know how long it is).

>> /alessandro, who just learnt new grubs wait untile the vga cable is plugged
> Sound like a VESA/VideoBIOS/BIOS bug and not grub.

<rant mode=offtopic>
Grub is the place where I've seen some of the most crappy code in my
life, so I tend to blame it regardless. But I have data points here:
(a) I boot the same board with an older grub and it woks and (b) the
same older grub configured for the serial port waits for the serial to
be plugged (DCD). This happens after it used to print to the VGA
"press any key to activate serial port" (patched).

/alessandro, oh so happy that clueless programmers stick to the clueless pisee.

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