The Project formerly known as U-Boot-v2

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at
Wed Dec 2 05:57:52 EST 2009

Hi All,

We finally have a new name for U-Boot-V2:


It's like busybox - just for bare metal. This honours the fact that this
tool is not only a boot loader but also offers a small unix like
environment and is a great debugging tool aswell.

All we have to do now is to replace a seventies erotic movie collection
from the google ranking, but this should be a peace of cake right? ;)

The following script should do the trick. I'll wait some more time
before applying it just in case you have some patches pending which
do not apply afterwards.

During the renaming we'll also move the master repository to the
pengutronix git server, but I'll write a seperate mail about this.

As a next step I want to work towards a proper release as a christmas
present. Everyone goes to timed releases, so we'll also do this, ok?
I'm open for discussion when and how often we'll release.



for i in $(find -type f ! -regex "\./\.*git/.*"); do
	sed -i 's/U_BOOT/BAREBOX/g' $i
	sed -i 's/UBOOT/BAREBOX/g' $i
	sed -i 's/uboot/barebox/g' $i
	sed -i 's/u-boot/barebox/g' $i
	sed -i 's/u_boot/barebox/g' $i
	sed -i 's/U-Boot/barebox/g' $i
	sed -i 's/U-boot/barebox/g' $i
	sed -i 's/U-BOOT/barebox/g' $i

for i in $(find -name "*u-boot*"); do
	j=$(echo $i | sed 's/u-boot/barebox/')
	mv $i $j

for i in $(find -name "*uboot*"); do
	j=$(echo $i | sed 's/uboot/barebox/')
	mv $i $j

for i in $(find -name "*u_boot*"); do
	j=$(echo $i | sed 's/u_boot/barebox/')
	mv $i $j

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