Is Larry's reverse-engineering effort dead?

Gábor Stefanik netrolller.3d at
Mon Feb 29 03:24:32 PST 2016

Hi All,

I recently got my HP laptop replaced under warranty. Unfortunately,
while the old one had a Realtek wireless card with a supported
mainstream Linux driver, this one came with the dreaded BCM43142
(LCN40-PHY), which neither b43 nor brcmsmac supports.

Since I have previously implemented support for LP-PHY in b43, I
thought about having a go at implementing this PHY. However, no specs
appear to exist for this chip - in fact, it looks like no new specs
were posted since the N-PHY ones back in 2010.

Is the reverse engineering effort still ongoing somewhere? I've seen
some mail on the list about AC-PHY development starting, which is also
not on the specs wiki.

Gábor Stefanik

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