ssb: where to reject dangling cores?

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Sat May 7 16:40:51 EDT 2011

Michael, I can see code for ignoring dangling cores in both: ssb and b43.

In ssb it's quite common, we have:
1) we_support_multiple_80211_cores for 80211
2) inline checks in ssb_bus_scan for PCI(E)
3) inline check in ssb_bus_scan for ETHERNET

However there is also check in b43 at the beginning of b43_one_core_attach:
if (!pdev ||
	((pdev->device != 0x4321) &&
	(pdev->device != 0x4313) && (pdev->device != 0x431A))) {
	b43dbg(wl, "Ignoring unconnected 802.11 core\n");
	return -ENODEV;

Should I move this check into ssb?


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