Table of PCIs, chipsets, etc. on b43 wiki page

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Sat Feb 5 10:56:44 EST 2011

On 02/04/2011 11:56 PM, Gábor Stefanik wrote:
> 2011/2/5 Larry Finger <Larry.Finger at>:
>> On 02/04/2011 02:27 PM, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
>>> W dniu 4 lutego 2011 20:37 użytkownik Larry Finger
>>> <Larry.Finger at> napisał:
>>>> On 02/04/2011 12:56 PM, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
>>>>> I'd like to propose little (nothing big) reogranisation of b43 hardware table:
>>>>> Changed columns support/supported and driver/alternatives.
>>>>> Are you fine with that? Can we use colored one?
>>>> I like the colored one.
>>>> Some small changes:
>>>> I would eliminate the second 14e4:4312 line and move the wl entry to the first
>>>> one. I don't know if wl supports 5 GHz on that chip. I don't have mine any longer.
>>> Do you know anything about that duplicated ID? Is that true at all?
>>> Why we don't support device with that duplicated ID? Why do you want
>>> to remove it?
>> I'm not sure that there really is an 802.11b/g device with ID 14e4:4312. There
>> are two flavors of BCM4312, one that is 802.11a/b/g (14e4:4312), and an
>> 802.11b/g device with ID 14e4:4315, which is the LP PHY. I suspect that the
>> confusion over the two BCM4312 items led to the duplicate entry in this table.
> The device with PCI ID 0x4312 is called BCM4311 (dual-band) - check
> Broadcom's official brochure on BCM4311 (has a single-band and a
> dual-band version). Same for 0x4319 - it's actually BCM4318 dual-band
> (for example, the BCM94318MPAGH has this ID). The only BCM4312 is
> 0x4315 (also, there exists no "BCM4315", and while BCM4310 might
> indeed be real, it has nothing to do with PCI ID 0x4315). Apparently
> the correlation between PCI ID and chip ID only exists for pure G-PHY
> cards.
Check Comment #6 in the thread at
A BCM4312 with ID 14e4:4312.


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