Some confusion over which 'b43' v5.10.x firmware I should be using

Xavion xavion.0 at
Fri Dec 30 19:19:56 EST 2011

I'm the maintainer of the "b43-firmware" package for Arch Linux.  I'm
running v3.1.5 of the Linux kernel and I have v015 of the "b43-fwcutter"
package installed.  Should I use v5. or the newer v5.10.144.3 of
the 'b43' firmware with my BCM4311 device?

Your webpage states<>that
I should still be using v5., but v5.10.144.3 seems to be a
more recent edition of that v5.10.x series.  Is that
current (i.e. I should stay with v5. or is it out-of-date
(i.e. I should upgrade to v5.10.144.3)?
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