Strange DMA error

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Mon Apr 18 14:57:09 EDT 2011

2011/4/18 Todd Walter <twalter at>:
> I have a BCM4312 (using SSB) in a HP Mini 311 with an odd disconnect
> issue.  If I use the link heavily (ie, streaming a movie) then all is
> usually well.  If the link is idle it bombs with an error to stderr.
> This happens with the hardware power control on or off.  Long transfers
> do crash as well, just much less frequently.  For instance, a streamed
> movie might go an hour and I can simply re-cycle wlan0 and recover.
> However, if I am surfing it will die while I am reading one web page.
> PIO mode is worse; typically it fails during the 4-way handshake
> (timeout) and even when it works transfers will consume >70% of the CPU
> and crash.  When a PIO mode drops I have to cold-boot to recover use of
> the wireless card.  I have attached the PCI information for the card and
> dmesg output as I am at a loss as how to procede.

Can you just explain, what errors are you seeing? What is that bomb of
errors in your stderr? Can you see anything else than just:
wlan0: detected beacon loss from AP - sending probe request


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