New device in MacBook Pro, yet unsupported?

Andy Botting andy at
Thu Apr 7 14:45:41 EDT 2011

>> Any chance you can see how it's labeled? Is that possible to open
>> MacBook's slot to see this wifi card?
>> I mean something like BCM943....
>> I could not find you card on ebay.

> I fear I cannot be of any help with this. The MacBook is from my employer
> and has a warranty seal on its back, which I'm not willing to break.
> Perhaps remote access to my machine could help you? Let me know.

Hi - I just stumbled upon this thread while looking around for support
for the new bcm4331.

Maybe this is some help - it's a photo of the wireless chip from the
iFixIt teardown of the new Macbook Pro

I'm curious about how much work is involved with supporting a new chip
like this?

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