Changes in specs

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Wed Mar 31 12:11:28 EDT 2010

2010/3/31 Larry Finger <Larry.Finger at>:
> John Linville ran an MMIO dump on his Netbook while loading the wl
> driver. From the output, it was clear that his device does indeed have
> an SPROM, but it is in a different location than previous devices we
> have encountered. With this information, it was not difficult to find
> the test for this situation in the Broadcom code. The revised specs for
> this condition are in the first paragraph of
> In a nutshell, the SPROM is at
> offset 0x1000 for chipcommon revisions < 31, and at 0x0800 for revisions
>>= 31.
> I have also discovered what was wrong with the specs that described what
> devices do not have an SPROM. The previous version only covers those
> devices that are on a PCMCIA bus. The new version of those specs are at
> As might be
> expected, the chipcommon revision is again important for PCI devices.

I've is_sprom_available updated.

Will hack on SPROM today.


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